As a result of the Stimulus Package signed in
February of 2009, homeowners who make energy
efficient updates to their home—the installation of a
painted or coated Energy Star® labeled metal roof
included—between January 1, 2009 and December
31, 2010 may be eligible for a tax credit worth 30%
of the installation costs (materials only) up to $1,500
per home over the two-year period.

Specifically, the Energy Improvement and Extension
Act of 2008, which was attached to H.R. 1424,
provided extensions to The Energy Policy Act of
2005. This allows for a tax credit for homeowners
who install qualified energy-efficient improvements to
an existing home in 2009.

The tax incentive pertains to “qualified energy
efficient improvements” which are, as defined by the
new law: “any energy efficient building envelope
component which meets the prescriptive criteria for
such component established by the 2000 IECC (or
in the case of a metal roof with appropriate
pigmented coatings which meet the Energy Star®
program requirements. An Energy Star-labeled metal
roofing system has at least 65% solar reflectance for
low-slope roofing and 25% solar reflectance for
steep-slope roofing.
Bone white metal roof
What is truly great about this news is that a $1,500 tax credit is truly an extra $1,500 in your wallet. Tax credits are subtracted directly from a
consumer’s total tax liability. Therefore, a credit has a higher value than a deduction. For example, if a homeowner is in the 28% tax bracket and
earns a $1,500 credit on his new, energy-efficient metal roof, the result is equal to a tax deduction of approximately $5,357.

Receiving your $1,500 tax credit is as easy as 1,2,3:

1.Confirm that the metal roof you select is a painted or coated Energy Star-labeled metal roof and obtain certification from your
contractor or the manufacturer.
2.Have the metal roof installed between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010.
3.Fill out IRS Form 5965 when filing your taxes for 2009 and/or 2010.
View Englert Certification Statement for tax credit
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