Maddox Metal Roofing specializes in installing high end and difficult roofing designs and materials
such as cedar, pine, slate, tile, metal and all types of shingles.

Product Types - We install roofing systems by Timberline, Tamko,  McElroy Metals,  Englert, ,  and can
repair all types of roof systems especially where others have failed

Flat Roofs - Including EPDM, TPO, Modified, Hydro-stop, Builtup, Carlisle, MuleHyde and GAF.

Metal Roofing - Available in  McElroy Metals, Englert. Styles include 24, 26 and 29 guage glavalume, .
032 and .040 aluminum, 20 and 22 ounce copper, stainless steel standing seam 12"-20", snap lock 5V 24"

Guttering - We offer premium seamless guttering for superior runoff protection with no clogs or
R-panel- 2"-3".

Metal shakes and shingles by Decra.

Metal Roofing Materials Information:

Natural Metal Products –
The advantage to natural metal roofing products (copper, zinc, cor-ten, etc.) is
that the completed roof system will only improve in appearance over time. Additionally, most natural
products have a very long service life, having the potential to out-last the structure for which they are

* Copper – 16 and 20 ounce corrugated and standing-seam profiles, roofing and siding, available with
factory or field applied patina. Cooper roofing is bright and shiny when new (like a new penny), but
quickly turns to a bronze-red patina within 2-weeks exposure, faster when in close proximity to salt air.
Typically, coastal projects will turn to a green patina within three weeks of exposure. Pure copper gutters
in standard or custom profiles are available with copper down spouts. Filed applied chemical patinas
provide a wide range of color choices, ranging from deep red-purples to light-dark greens. Copper is a
soft metal and will experience some degree of " oil-canning" which is a wavy appearance in the flat
portion of the roof panels. This is not a defect, but a characteristic of copper roofing, and usually
becomes less apparent following the effects of weathering.

* Zinc – 0.7 and 0.8-mm thickness, corrugated and standing-seam profiles, roofing and siding, available
with factory applied patina. Zinc roofing is bright and shiny when new (similar to bright stainless steel of
aluminum appearance), but quickly turns to a light gray appearance depending of local environmental
conditions. Factory applied or pre-aged patinas can be provided, producing colors ranging from light gray
to charcoal-black.

* Cor-ten – 22 and 18 gauge, corrugated and standing-seam/batten-seam profiles, roofing and siding. Cot-
ten steel is a heavy steel product that turns very quickly to a rust-red appearance.

* Stainless Steel – 26 and 24 gauge, corrugated and standing-seam/batten-seam profiles, roofing and
siding. Stainless steel is available in a variety of brushed finishes ranging from shiny bright to dull gray.

* Zincalume and Galvalume – Corrosion resistant zinc coatings applied to most steel panels. Zincalume
has an appearance similar to conventional galvanized metal but with smaller "spangling" and less shiny

Colored Metal Products:
* Steel –
30 to 16 gauge available. Corrugated and standing-seam/batten-seam profiles. Simulated shingle
and tile profiles are also available. Standard color finishes as well as custom colors are available.
* Aluminum – Similar thick nesses as steel panels with same panel profile and color options.
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